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Pesach With an Accent is the first album of the new series of Cantor Gastón's "Jewish Music with an Accent". 28 songs to enjoy, sing and dance with your kids, your students and your colleagues. New, old changed, new ad libs, and of course story telling with a "slight" accent! Chag Sameach!
  Simcha Raba  (Bilhah Yoffe/Yedidyah Admon)       Play Buy MP3  
  Looking for Chametz  (Judith K. Eisenstein)       Play Buy MP3  
  Shehecheyanu  (Cantor Gastón Bogomolni)       Play Buy MP3  
  Make a Matza  (Hyman Reznick)       Play Buy MP3  
  Charoset  (Gil Brodsky)       Play Buy MP3  
  Seder Table  (Debbie Lynn Friedman)       Play Buy MP3  
  Kadesh  (Pesach Hagadda)       Play Buy MP3  
  Este El Pan (Halachma in Ladino)  (Flory Jagoda)       Play Buy MP3  
  Ma Nishtana  (Zeev Malbergier)       Play Buy MP3  
  Baby Moses  (Jackie Silberg)       Play Buy MP3  
  Moshe BaTeivah  (Kaddish Yehuda Silman/Nisim Nisimov)       Play Buy MP3  
  Building Cities  (Shirley R. Cohen)       Play Buy MP3  
  Batya  (Geela Rayzel Raphael)       Play Buy MP3  
  Listen King Pharaoh  (Shirley R. Cohen/Samuel & Emmanuelle Bogomolni (new ad libs))       Play Buy MP3  
  Shalach et Ami  (Unknown)       Play Buy MP3  
  Frogs!  (Carol Boyd Leon)       Play Buy MP3  
  Are You Sleeping? / One Morning  (Mozart/Shirley R. Cohen/Gastón Bogomolni (new ad libs))       Play Buy MP3  
  Go Down Moses  (Spiritual/Hebrew by Ephraim D'ror)       Play Buy MP3  
  Standing at the Sea  (Peter and Ellen Allard)       Play Buy MP3  
  Oh, Freedom  (Spiritual )       Play Buy MP3  
  Da Nasee  (Trad. Ghana, Hebrew adapted by Gil Brodsky)       Play Buy MP3  
  Matza Man  (Andi Joseph/Gastón Bogomolni (new ad libs))       Play Buy MP3  
  Dayeinu  (Traditional Ashkenazi)       Play Buy MP3  
  Afikoman Riddle  (Samuel Bogomolni)       Play Buy MP3  
  Karev Yom  (Traditional Sefardi)       Play Buy MP3  
  One Is Hashem  (Zale Newman, Uncle Moishy & The Mitzvah Men)       Play Buy MP3  
  Adir Hu  (Traditional Ashkenazi/Sefardi)       Play Buy MP3  
  Un Kavritiko (Chad Gadya in Ladino)  (Flory Jagoda)       Play Buy MP3  
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