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for $10.99
Rockin' Chanukah Revue Download Album for $10.99
Rock your world this Chanukah with a wild musical adventure celebrating this favorite of family holidays. Sam Glaser and his band are joined by all-star vocalists singing Chanukah hits old and new. The Rockin' Chanukah Revue injects fresh energy and meaning into the traditional Chanukah fare with over twenty songs guaranteed to rock all ages!
  We Light The Lights       Play Buy MP3  
  Dreidl Star!  (Deep Purple/Sam Glaser)       Play Buy MP3  
  Macabee  (John Lennon/Paul McCartney/Sam Glaser)       Play Buy MP3  
  Latkes  (Smokey Robinson/Ronald White/Sam Glaser)       Play Buy MP3  
  Nes Gadol Haya Sham  (Eddie Van Halen/Sam Glaser)       Play Buy MP3  
  Eight Nights A Year  (John Lennon/Paul McCartney/Sam Glaser)       Play Buy MP3  
  Chanukah History  (Cara Freedman)       Play Buy MP3  
  Eight Crazy Nights  (Phil Medley/Bert Russell/Sam Glaser)       Play Buy MP3  
  Chanukah To Remember       Play Buy MP3  
  Rockin' Chanukah Medley  (Various)       Play Buy MP3  
  Give Me Some Presents  (Louis Jordan/Sam Glaser)       Play Buy MP3  
  Maoz Tzur  (Folk)       Play Buy MP3  
  Shehecheyanu       Play Buy MP3  
  My Sukkah's On Fire  (Otis Blackwell/Sam Glaser)       Play Buy MP3  
  Candle Blessings  (Folk)       Play Buy MP3  
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Download Album
for $8.99
See What You Want Download Album for $8.99
Speaking to the heart and the conscience, O's hypnotic music and lyrics convey a world vision of hope and love for humanity. O draws from classic, progressive and alternative rock styles and indulges the senses with deep and inviting textures. Produced and composed by Sam Glaser and Ramiro Fauve, with lead vocals and guitars by Ramiro, keyboards and background vocals by Sam and featuring a world class ensemble of L.A. musicians.
  See What You Want       Play Buy MP3  
  Of This Earth       Play Buy MP3  
  For Giving       Play Buy MP3  
  The Ride       Play Buy MP3  
  Out Of The Eye       Play Buy MP3  
  Let Me Shine Again       Play Buy MP3  
  Unsung Kiss       Play Buy MP3  
  How Long       Play Buy MP3  
  Waves       Play Buy MP3  
  Where Has The Light Gone       Play Buy MP3  
  It'll Be Alright       Play Buy MP3  
  You See       Play Buy MP3  
  Fall       Play Buy MP3  
  Tangible Dream       Play Buy MP3  
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