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for $9.99
Mosaic Download Album for $9.99
Liturgical pieces and Jewish themed music in a variety of original settings. Written, produced and sung by Grammy-nominated songwriter and veteran Nashville studio singer/fiddle player Lisa Silver. There are pieces to sing with kids, for kids, for adults, and anthems. Featuring top Nashville studio musicians, and a duet with Michael Hunter Ochs of Gesher.
  Niggun Vitebsk       Play Buy MP3  
  Words To Live By  (Lisa Silver/Teri Simon)       Play Buy MP3  
  Hineini (Here I Am)  (Lisa Silver/Karen Taylor-Good) View /  Buy Sheet Music   Play Buy MP3  
  Sim Shalom  (L.Silver) View /  Buy Sheet Music   Play Buy MP3  
  Ritzei       Play Buy MP3  
  Kadosh       Play Buy MP3  
  Modim Anachnu Lach       Play Buy MP3  
  Shalom Rav  (Lisa Silver/Teri Simon) View /  Buy Sheet Music   Play Buy MP3  
  Let Us Always Remember View /  Buy Sheet Music   Play Buy MP3  
  I Am A Light  (Lisa Silver/Teri Simon/Victoria Shaw) View /  Buy Sheet Music   Play Buy MP3  
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Download Album
for $7.49
My Forever Family: Songs About Adopting & Being Adopted Download Album for $7.49
This wonderful album includes songs for both children and adults. A moving musical journal of the adoption process, and happy fun-filled songs introduce adoption in a way that kids of all ages can understand and sing about. A favorite with adoptive families for many years. High quality album with production and vocals by top recording vocalist and Grammy-nominated songwriter and adoptive mom Lisa Silver.
  My Forever Family       Play Buy MP3  
  Mommy Tell Me       Play Buy MP3  
  Different Shapes And Sizes       Play Buy MP3  
  Two Countries       Play Buy MP3  
  My Native Land       Play Buy MP3  
  My Forever Family - Reprise       Play Buy MP3  
  Everybody But Me       Play Buy MP3  
  The First Step       Play Buy MP3  
  Red Tape       Play Buy MP3  
  Is My Baby Out There Somewhere       Play Buy MP3  
  A Gift From You       Play Buy MP3  
  My Baby's Comin' Home       Play Buy MP3  
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