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Here are the 40 newest albums available on oySongs.

Album Name Artist
 Sounds of Healing Central Synagogue Buy for $7.99 
 The Time of Singing is Come Judith Silver Buy for $12.99 
 Renewed Beth Schafer Buy for $9.99 
 Aleph Bet Bop Cantor Dan Singer Buy for $9.99 
 Shine Forward Oneg Shemesh Buy for $9.99 
 After The Storm Andy Dennen Buy for $4.99 
 Questions and Demands Jamie Marx Buy for $9.99 
 Nigunim with oySongs oySongs Buy for $9.99 
 One Josh Goldberg Buy for $9.99 
 Peace & Mercy Kippah Groovin' Buy for $9.99 
 Let Us Sing Rob Aronson Buy for $9.99 
 More Love Noah Aronson Buy for $9.99 
 B'tayavon Bagels and Biscuits Buy for $9.99 
 Get Things Done with oySongs oySongs Buy for $9.99 
 Clean Your House with oySongs oySongs Buy for $9.99 
 Toot The Horn! Billy Jonas Band Buy for $9.99 
 Moments of Awe Azi Schwartz & Park Avenue Synagogue Buy for $11.99 
 L'dor Vador Azi Schwartz & Park Avenue Synagogue Buy for $11.99 
 Ahavat Olam - Jewish Romantic Music Azi Schwartz & Park Avenue Synagogue Buy for $9.99 
 Yihyu L'ratzon Azi Schwartz & Park Avenue Synagogue Buy for $9.99 
 One, Two and Many (Lo Alecha) Susan Colin Buy for $1.29 
 Songs from the Siddur Adirah Sings... Buy for $9.99 
 Be Heard Nick May Buy for $9.99 
 Neshama Yetera - Additional Soul (Deluxe Edition) Jeremy Gimbel Buy for $9.99 
 Acoustic Blessings Larry Milder Buy for $9.99 
 After The Flood Noam Katz Buy for $9.99 
 Square Peg Marci Geller Buy for $9.99 
 Together As One RAC - Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism Buy for $9.99 
 Cantor Robbie Solomon Live at BHC Robbie Solomon Buy for $9.99 
 A Spark of Light Elana Arian Buy for $9.99 
 A Sliver In The Sky Beth Hamon Buy for $9.99 
 Mah Rabu Josh Warshawsky Buy for $9.99 
 Bridge to Peace Lisa Levine Buy for $9.99 
 Eliana Sings (About Jewish Things!) Eliana Light Buy for $9.99 
 In Pursuit Jamie Marx Buy for $5.99 
 LIVE in Liverpool Jonathan Dinkin and Klezmercuse Buy for $9.99 
 Together/Endjuntos Sarah Aroeste Buy for $9.99 
 Sipurei Savta, Grandmother's Stories of Wit and Wisdom Joanie Calem Buy for $9.99 
 Sharim V'Rokdim, Singing and Dancing on Every Day and Holidays Joanie Calem Buy for $9.99 
 Classical Guitar Remix Band Plays Debbie Friedman Classics Joe Marks Buy for $13.99 

oySongs - love Jewish music
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