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ShirLaLa Shabbat! Download Album for $9.99
ShirLaLa Shabbat! is packed full of wonderful Shabbat music including prayers, blessings, traditional Shabbat melodies, as well as some rock-n-roll clappin', singin' and dancin' music for children and their parents. The entire album offers a rich, full Shabbat experience and amazing Shabbat song celebration. Parents, the end of the album includes a prayer for peace, a meditation on the Sh'ma, and a very holy blessing to give your children.
  Shabbat Bamba  (Folk/Shira Kline)       Play Buy MP3  
  Shiru Shir  (Faith Rogow)       Play Buy MP3  
  Hal'l'l'l'l'luyah  (Folk/Shira Kline) View /  Buy Sheet Music   Play Buy MP3  
  Chiri Bim Bam  (Folk)       Play Buy MP3  
  I Got That Shabbat Feeling  (Folk/Shira Kline)       Play Buy MP3  
  Boi Kallah  (Moshe Shur)       Play Buy MP3  
  Challah In The Oven  (Buzz Hellman/Shira Kline)       Play Buy MP3  
  Mah Yafeh Hayom  (Issachor Miron)       Play Buy MP3  
  Chicken In The Pot  (Folk/Shira Kline)       Play Buy MP3  
  Ki Eshmera Shabbat  (Folk)       Play Buy MP3  
  Eema - Aba  (Steven Carr Reuben)       Play Buy MP3  
  Bim Bam Intro  (Folk/Shira Kline)       Play Buy MP3  
  Bim Bam  (Nachum Frankel)       Play Buy MP3  
  Avodah / M'nuchah  (Folk)       Play Buy MP3  
  Thank You God  (Doug Cotler/Jeff Marx)       Play Buy MP3  
  Sim Shalom  (Shira Kline) View /  Buy Sheet Music (Minimum order of 2)   Play Buy MP3  
  Sh'ma  (Solomon Sulzer)       Play Buy MP3  
  Y'varech'cha  (Max Helfman)       Play Buy MP3  
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