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It Was a Miracle! Download Album for $9.99
Children won't be the only ones to find "It Was A Miracle!" irresistible, adults will love it too! This lively Hanukkah album combines traditional songs with joyous, upbeat, original music and adaptations of familiar tunes. The children's chorus is engaging and delightful while the interactive songs will keep the kids hopping! Sure to entertain the whole family, the catchy tunes will add warmth, meaning and fun to your Hanukkah celebration!
  It Was A Miracle!       Play Buy MP3  
  I Have A Little Dreidel  (Samuel Grossman/Samuel Goldfarb)       Play Buy MP3  
  The Hanukkah Story       Play Buy MP3  
  Maccabee March / I Want To Be A Maccabee  (Shirley Cohen/Folk)       Play Buy MP3  
  Listen And Do  (Hap Palmer)       Play Buy MP3  
  Chazak V'ematz  (Folk)       Play Buy MP3  
  Around Our Hanukkah Table       Play Buy MP3  
  Hanukkah Candle Blessings  (Folk)       Play Buy MP3  
  Maoz Tzur (Rock Of Ages)  (Folk)       Play Buy MP3  
  Dance With Bubbe Brown  (Folk)       Play Buy MP3  
  It's Hanukkah Today!       Play Buy MP3  
  My Favorite Time Of The Year       Play Buy MP3  
  Oh Hanukkah  (Avronim/Guthman)       Play Buy MP3  
  The Letters On The Dreidel  (Folk)       Play Buy MP3  
  The Hanukkah Candle  (Lyndall Miller)       Play Buy MP3  
  Let's Count The Candles       Play Buy MP3  
  Dreidel Hokey Pokey  (Baker/LaPrise/Macak)       Play Buy MP3  
  Sizzling Latkes  (Folk)       Play Buy MP3  
  S'vivon  (L. Kipnis)       Play Buy MP3  
  I Say Thank You / It Was A Miracle! (Reprise)       Play Buy MP3  
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