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An American Hallel - The Sacred Choral Music of Michael Isaacson Download Album for $14.99
Michael Isaacson brings a finely honed dramatic sensibility to his sacred choral music considering both the blessings and the challenges of a life fully lived with these three choral suites: An American Hallel (based on Psalms, with narration by Theodore Bikel), The Seven Deadly Sins (poetic texts by Nicholas Gordon) and Kohelet (Ecclesiastes). Diane Huling, pianist, and Counterpoint choral ensemble perform.
  Blessing Before Hallel; Psalm 113 Hall'lu Avdei Adonai       Play Buy MP3  
  Reading: Walt Whitman  (Walt Whitman)       Play Buy MP3  
  Psalm 114 B'tseit Yisrael       Play Buy MP3  
  Reading: President Theodore Roosevelt  (President Theodore Roosevelt)       Play Buy MP3  
  Psalm 115:12 - 18 Y'vareich       Play Buy MP3  
  Reading: President Abraham Lincoln  (President Abraham Lincoln)       Play Buy MP3  
  Psalm 116 Ma Ashiv View /  Buy Sheet Music (Minimum order of 5)   Play Buy MP3  
  Reading: President John F. Kennedy       Play Buy MP3  
  Psalms 117, 118, Hall'lu et Adonai       Play Buy MP3  
  Reading: Albert Einstein       Play Buy MP3  
  Psalm 118:19-20 Pitchu Li       Play Buy MP3  
  Reading: President Barak Obama       Play Buy MP3  
  Psalm 118:21-29 Marvelous in Our Eyes       Play Buy MP3  
  The Seven Deadly Sins - Prologue       Play Buy MP3  
  The Seven Deadly Sins - I - Lust       Play Buy MP3  
  The Seven Deadly Sins - II - Gluttony       Play Buy MP3  
  The Seven Deadly Sins - III - Greed       Play Buy MP3  
  The Seven Deadly Sins - IV - Sloth       Play Buy MP3  
  The Seven Deadly Sins - V - Wrath       Play Buy MP3  
  The Seven Deadly Sins - VI - Envy       Play Buy MP3  
  The Seven Deadly Sins - VII - Pride       Play Buy MP3  
  The Seven Deadly Sins - Epilogue       Play Buy MP3  
  Kohelet (Ecclesiastes) - I - Vanity of Vanities       Play Buy MP3  
  Kohelet (Ecclesiastes) - II - For There Is No Remembrance       Play Buy MP3  
  Kohelet (Ecclesiastes) - III - For There Is a Happening       Play Buy MP3  
  Kohelet (Ecclesiastes) - IV - The Sleep of the Laborer Is Sweet       Play Buy MP3  
  Kohelet (Ecclesiastes) - V - For Who Knows       Play Buy MP3  
  Kohelet (Ecclesiastes) - VI - It Is Better to Hear the Rebuke       Play Buy MP3  
  Kohelet (Ecclesiastes) - VII - The End of the Matter       Play Buy MP3  
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