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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is oySongs?

We are the world's central source for Jewish audio and sheet music. We hope to provide our customers with a convenient, exciting, easy way to get their Jewish music - instantly! oySongs.com is an independent digital music distribution company created in 2006 by a veteran of the Jewish music industry, Joe Eglash (www.EglashCreative.com) | www.JoeEglash.com). In 2012 Susan and Craig Colin became the new owners of the site. Susan is a working musician, an award-winning composer, nationally recognized singer and intractable champion of Jewish music. (www.SusanColin.com) Craig works in technology, and knows the importance of finding system improvements and new market applications. We are dedicated to the success of independent Jewish musicians and the proliferation of their music. As the V'ahavta instructs us, "Take these words...speak of them in your home and on your way..." Our goal is for people to have Jewish music in their daily lives, not just when they go to synagogue!

Do you have any video tutorials?

We do - we've added a page of video tutorials - just click the Tutorials button on the gray bar above.  We have high-def videos on such specific subjects as downloading albums and songs, and installing Scorch to view sheet music.  You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to be alerted of new videos.

How do I know when you add new music?

The best way to keep up is to subscribe to our e-newsletter, follow us on Facebook, and check back often to see new CDs which are right on our Home Page

How do I create an oySongs account?

You can browse the site without an account. If you want to make a purchase, please click on Sign Up. We need a minimum of info (name, address, email) and a credit card which we store, encrypted and safely. We accept VISA and MasterCard only. 

NOTE: for non-US customers, there are sometimes difficulties with transactions due to credit card processor security settings. Should you have a problem completing your transaction, please contact us at oy@oysongs.com.  Tell us what you wish to purchase, and we'll work with you to complete the process.

What's an mp3 and why do I need it in my life?!

An mp3 is really a powerful, concise music file format. It's also a flexible format - you can keep it on your computer and call it up anytime, put it on a portable mp3 player (such as an iPod), or burn a CD with them. A great benefit is that you can fit about 10x more songs on one CD compared to regular music files which take up a lot more room. Bottom line - it'll make your  life easier.

Can I make copies of or e-mail my new oySongs mp3?

Copyright law allows you to make copies for yourself as long as you do not distribute them to other people. So, if you have 3 computers, 2 mp3 players, and 4 CD players, you can have a copy of that mp3 for each unit. However, it is illegal for you to burn a CD for or e-mail that mp3 to a friend at any time. It's cheap enough - they can buy their own! Support independent Jewish artists.

Can I burn a CD with oySongs mp3s?

Betach! You bet! There are a couple of ways to do this:

  • Many CD players now support the mp3 file format. That's a good thing - it means you can burn a lot more onto one CD. Most CD burning programs allow you this option.
  • Convert the mp3 files to wav files (wav files are regular ol' audio tracks, the same ones that your computer reads from a commercial CD). You can do this in most media players (PCs come with Windows Media Player, Macs come with iTunes,)

Are oySongs mp3 files encoded with use limitations?

Nope - they're just straight unencrypted mp3 files - we trust our customers (unlike the big corporations and record labels) to not distribute these illegally. We give you flexible media and put the onus on you to make the right choice. Sachel.

Once I purchase a song or album, how do I download it?

Once the payment is processed, oySongs will bring you to the download page. Here, you'll see all the songs you've purchased with a "Download" link next to them. Click this and follow your browser's instructions. It's as simple as that!  Within your one year window to download, you can visit and revisit this page anytime - simply log in to your account, click My Account, then Downloads.

Can I download the purchases to my mobile devices (iPhone, cell phones, tablets)?

  • oySongs works on Android phones and tablets the same as it does on your computer for searches, listening to samples, purchases, and downloading your purchases to your device directly.  
  • For iOS (Apple iPhone, iPad, iTouch, iPod) you can hear samples and make purchases, but only streaming is available on your device. You can't download directly into your device.  You'll need to download (from your oySongs Download account) into your iTunes library on a computer, then sync to add the tuneage to your mobile device.  That's an Apple restriction that we cannot change.  (We tried, oh, we tried...)

What happens if once I've downloaded a song or CD, I lose the file? Do I have to pay again?

No prob. Just log into your account and you'll see your download history. You have one year (from the time you pay) to download your music. During that one year, you can download that song or album as many times as you like.

I made a mistake, or I don't like the music. Can I get a refund?

Digital files cannot be returned, and we are unable to refund your purchase unless the file is damaged or unusable. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.  Please check your purchases before you complete your transaction and click the "UPDATE" button on the check out page to be sure your quantities are correct.

What is the sound quality of the music I purchase on oySongs?

The Jewish music you download will be of the utmost sonic quality - 192kbps compressed mp3 files. You'll struggle to hear any difference between regular CD audio and our digital downloads.

How do I play the music I just downloaded?

First, make sure you download it to a place on your computer that you'll remember and that is easily organized. Second, check out what happens when you just click on the file - your default media player should open right up and play the track automatically for you. If not, you may need to download a media player (PCs come with Windows Media Player, Macs come with iTunes). Most of these offer playlists and other ways to organize and play your mp3 files. One of the great advantages to digital audio is the ease of organization - create your own mixes (playlists), choose which tracks play and which don't, play full albums back-to-back, and so on.

Can I sample the music before I buy it?

Every mp3 on oySongs.com can be "sampled" for 30-seconds for free! Just click the Sample Icon icon and you'll hear a high-quality sample. If you have a problem, check to see that your computer volume is turned up and unmuted. For sheet music, most products have a screen shot of the first page, and when available, a reference audio track.

What does "Album Only" mean?

Some artists wish to sell their music as a complete album only.  Also, occasionally, the songs which comprise an album are so short in duration that it would not be fair to sell them individually.  When you see "Album Only" instead of "Buy" listed next to a song, you will need to purchase the complete album to get those songs.

 How much does the music cost?

oySongs mp3s (audio files) cost $1.29 each. Please note: Instead of the "Buy" option, on some songs you will see "Album Only" - this means that individual songs from this album are not available for separate download - you must buy the complete album.

 What is oyGelt?

Thanks for asking. oyGelt is an easy way to prepay for the Jewish music you're going to buy. 

Can I give oyGelt as a gift?

Yes! You'll seee a special button on the oyGelt page that says "Give the gift of oyGelt". Click on it and choose the oyGelt.  You will provide the recipient's email address, name and your personal message.  Instantly, the purchase will be charged to your account, your recipient will get an email with your message and instructions for redeeming the gift.  

We can email to you mail a certificate for you to give your recipient yourself at your convenience.  Please allow 1-3 business days. oySongs is closed on Shabbat, Jewish and US holidays.

Are there any membership or subscription fees?

Nope! Anyone at any time can get Jewish music from oySongs.

I'm a Jewish musical artist. How do I sell my stuff on oySongs?

Visit the link at the bottom of our page called Artist's Guide.  You'll learn about working with us, and how to proceed with the application process.

I wrote a song that is featured on oySongs, but on somebody else's album. What gives?

You are due royalties directly from the artist that covered your song. The statutory rates can be found on the Harry Fox site.

How do I buy oySongs sheet music?

Most of our sheet music is available as a pdf file. These files cannot be transposed in our system.

We have some files not yet converted, and you may need to use Scorch to view. (See further info on Scorch, below).

Sheet music is created and provided by the Artists.  When possible, we have links to recordings so that you can hear the song to see if it's the one you want.  You can see a screen shot of the first page.  Once you purchase the sheet music, it will appear in your DOWNLOAD folder in your oySongs account, just like your mp3 purchases.  From there you can download and print the files.  As with the mp3 files, it is unlawful to make copies to give to others.  We respect the copyright laws and the rights of our Artists.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT BROWSER COMPATABILITY WITH SCORCH: Currently, Scorch is supported with these browsers: Windows: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista 32-bit or Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit, Internet Explorer 7 or later, Mozilla Firefox, 20MB hard disk space. Mac OS X: Mac OS X 10.4.11, Mac OS X 10.5.8 or Mac OS X 10.6.8, Mac OS X 10.7 or later, Safari 5.0.6 or earlier (32-bit mode required on Mac OS X 10.6; not compatible with Safari 5.1 or later on Mac OS X 10.6 or Mac OS X 10.7), Mozilla Firefox 4 or later (32-bit mode required), 20MB hard disk space.

  • Not currently compatible with Google Chrome.

Can I save the sheet music file to my computer?

No, sorry. Scorch files are directed right to your printer for your convenience.

I need the music for my choir or band.  How many copies should I purchase?

Copyright law allows you to make one photocopy for each legal copy you own, for your own use. Therefore, you must purchase as many copies as there are voices in your choir or instruments in your band. This is the only way to keep Jewish music alive - composers need to be paid their due royalties.  There are minimum purchase quantities for oySongs choral and band sheet music.  Typically, the minimum quantity is one over the vocal or instrumental requirements - if a piece is for Solo Voice and SAB choir, the minimum purchase would be 5 copies.  The extra copy is for conductor or accompanist.  But remember - this is just a minimum, according to law you must purchase a number equal to the amount of voices in your choir or instruments in your band.  An average choral order is for between 10 - 45 copies.

Help! My sheet music won't print. (Or) It only prints one page.

Before you purchase, oySongs allows you to print a test of the first page of music - with a watermark on it.  When you click the "Print" link from the Downloads page (My Account/Downloads), you'll be taken right to the score you purchased.  From here, click the Scorch Print icon (see below).  For more answers, see our Printing Problems GuideScorch does not work for users of Windows 2000 or earlier operating systems.  Please e-mail us for alternative means of getting your sheet music.

Other questions? Contact us anytime.

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