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Welcome to oySongs.com (est. 2006) - thanks for stopping by!  You've discovered the world’s central source for Jewish audio and sheet music.  We hope to provide our customers with a convenient, exciting, new way to get their Jewish music – instantly!

oySongs proudly offers music from all walks of Jewish life and religion, from all over the world.  We take pride in our ability to offer you liberal/progressive, orthodox, and secular Jewish music all in the same place.

Here you will find not only the highest quality mp3 audio files (ripped at 192kbps - much higher than most other download sites), but also an ever-growing collection of Jewish contemporary, religious, and folk tunes in an interactive sheet music format.  You can play back, transpose, then print the music.  No more inflexible PDF music files!

Based in the USA, oySongs, LLC is an independent digital music company.  We are dedicated to the success of independent Jewish musicians.

  Press Release 7/21/2006 - Launch of oySongs.com (PDF 40.7kb)

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