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Here are the 40 newest albums available on oySongs.

Album Name Artist
 A Palace in Time Micah Lapidus and The Davis Academy Buy for $9.99 
 Live Studio Sessioins Noah Aronson Buy for $4.99 
 The Final Recording Jan Peerce Buy for $9.99 
 The High Holy Days - Alberto Mizrahi Alberto Mizrahi Buy for $9.99 
 Mazel Tov! Instrumental Dance Music Neshoma Orchestra Buy for $11.99 
 The Work of a Lifetime Susan Colin Buy for $9.99 
 Who Is Like You? Rebekah Mirsky Buy for $9.99 
 Kol Bat-Ami Cantor Bat-Ami Moses Buy for $9.99 
 Bo Nashir-Come Sing With Me! Cantor Bat-Ami Moses Buy for $9.99 
 Heritage The San Diego Jewish Men's Choir Buy for $9.99 
 A World of Peace in Song and Prayer Rita Glassman Buy for $9.99 
 Friday Night Live Music: Boy-Chickz II Mensch Ben Gelber Ensemble Buy for $9.99 
 Shir Chadash: Songs to Sacred Texts Steve Cohen Buy for $6.99 
 Ancient Inspiration David Hoffman and the Magic If Buy for $9.99 
 With This Flame Karen Kamenetsky Buy for $8.99 
 Three Joe Eglash Buy for $9.99 
 A New Light Eliana Light Buy for $8.99 
 Dream of the Goldsmith Neil M. Frau-Cortes Buy for $9.99 
 Wings of Dawn Neil M. Frau-Cortes Buy for $9.99 
 My Heart is Ready Neil M. Frau-Cortes Buy for $9.99 
 The Road Ahead Larry Karol Buy for $9.99 
 Songs Of The Spirit Sherry Dansky Buy for $9.99 
 Shir Hadash, New Music at Park Avenue Synagogue Azi Schwartz & Park Avenue Synagogue Buy for $9.99 
 Shabbat Sweet Billy Kaplan Buy for $9.99 
 Candlesticks of Silver Raquel Pomerantz Gershon Buy for $9.99 
 They Tried To Get Us, We Won, Let's Rock! Jay Rapoport Buy for $9.99 
 Hadesh Yameinu, New Music At Park Avenue Synagogue 5775 Azi Schwartz & Park Avenue Synagogue Buy for $9.99 
 U B U Stacy Beyer Buy for $9.99 
 Kulanu - All of Us in Harmony Fran Avni Buy for $9.99 
 Hanukkah Songs of Light and Hope Deborah Katchko-Gray Buy for $9.99 
 A Suite Shabbat Deborah Katchko-Gray Buy for $9.99 
 A Musical Reunion Deborah Katchko-Gray Buy for $9.99 
 Shabbat Jam Deborah Katchko-Gray Buy for $9.99 
 Introducing... Eliezer Kepecs' Greatest Hits Eliezer Kepecs Buy for $18.99 
 Blues for Jews David Hoffman and the Magic If Buy for $9.99 
 Rise Andrew Dennen Buy for $9.99 
 Singin' (A New Song) with Susan Susan Shane-Linder Buy for $9.99 
 T'filati - My Prayer David Paskin Buy for $9.99 
 Great Cantors in Concert: Cantor Eliezer Kepecs Eliezer Kepecs Buy for $9.99 
 New Jewish Love Songs Hannah Spiro Buy for $9.99 

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