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Here are the 40 newest albums available on oySongs.

Album Name Artist
 Jewish Blues Volume IV Saul Kaye Buy for $9.99 
 Adama Ve'Shamayim - Earth & Sky Shimon Smith Buy for $9.99 
 Arise Rick Calvert Buy for $9.99 
 Ora de Despertar Sarah Aroeste Buy for $9.99 
 The God Album Rory Michelle Buy for $8.99 
 Voice of Gladness Cantor Riselle Bain Buy for $8.99 
 Transitions Joe Eglash Buy for $9.99 
 Aneni Micha & Lisa Buy for $9.99 
 Neshima Amuka (Deep Breath) Micha Biton Buy for $9.99 
 Hakol L'Tovah Abbie Strauss Buy for $9.99 
 Nitzotz/ Spark Abbie Strauss Buy for $9.99 
 Kochi The San Diego Jewish Men's Choir Buy for $9.99 
 The Art of Cantor Netanel Hershtik Netanel Hershtik Buy for $9.99 
 Naomi's Groove Mattan Klein Buy for $9.99 
 A Shelter of Peace Todd Herzog Buy for $9.99 
 Habayta (Homeward) Billy Jonas Band Buy for $9.99 
 Volume 6: Thirteen Six13 Buy for $9.99 
 Lah (to her) Shir Yaakov Buy for $9.99 
 Unbroken Joe Buchanan Buy for $9.99 
 Earth Worm Disco ShirLaLa Buy for $9.99 
 Make The Two Sides Meet Chava Mirel Buy for $9.99 
 In Case I Forget To Tell You Shir Balev Buy for $5.99 
 Glass Half Full Shir Balev Buy for $9.99 
 Beautiful and Broken Dan Nichols and Eighteen Buy for $9.99 
 Road To Eden Soundtrack Dan Nichols and Eighteen Buy for $14.99 
 Seeds Of Hope Mattan Klein Buy for $9.99 
 L'chi Lach Bat ella Birnbaum Buy for $9.99 
 Raisins and Almonds Judith Silver Buy for $9.99 
 Ahava is Love Hebrew Wizards Family Band Buy for $9.99 
 Nondual Kirtan Rabbi Buy for $9.99 
 Kirtan Rabbi: Live! Kirtan Rabbi Buy for $9.99 
 Achat Sha'alti (one thing I seek) Kirtan Rabbi Buy for $9.99 
 This Place Alan Goodis Buy for $9.99 
 Vekarev Pezureinu Moshe Denburg Buy for $9.99 
 Be a Blessing Micah Lapidus and The Davis Academy Buy for $9.99 
 A Palace in Time Micah Lapidus and The Davis Academy Buy for $9.99 
 Romemu The Joshua C. Cohen Buy for $9.99 
 Live Studio Sessions Noah Aronson Buy for $4.99 
 The Final Recording Jan Peerce Buy for $9.99 
 The High Holy Days - Alberto Mizrahi Alberto Mizrahi Buy for $9.99 

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