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Carol Boyd Leon
Carol Boyd Leon's award-winning music is known for its lovely, congregation-friendly melodies.

She is a composer, performer and music educator... as well as songleader/cantorial soloist and choir director in the Washington, DC area.

In addition, her extensive early childhood education experience allows her to create music that children adore. Her songs for children are written in a limited range and with lyrics and melodies they can easily sing and enjoy.

With three Jewish songbooks and CDs of original compositions to her name as well as a DVD of choral music and several published liturgical choral arrangements, Carol Boyd Leon's music has been presented at major national conferences and festivals and has been sung at schools and congregations throughout the world.

Her "Shalom Aleichem" and "Nakum Uvaninu" were winning compositions in the First International Festival of New Jewish Liturgical Music in 2004.

Her "Gan Shirim: A Garden of Songs" double-CD and songbook received a Parents Choice Award the same year and is currently a nominee for 2006 "Best Jewish Album" by Just Plain Folks, which also nominated Carol's "Modeh Ani" as 2006 "Best Jewish Song."

Her recordings include "Gan Shirim," "Songs From The Heart: Family Shabbat," and a DVD of 13 Jewish songs of hope and healing called "A Healing Service In Song."

Carol's songbooks include "Gan Shirim," "Songs From The Heart: Family Shabbat," and "Jewish Life Cycle." She is currently working on "Super Simple Jewish Songs for the Very Young" and a collection of liturgical songs for congregational singing.

One of her only secular compositions, "Patriots' Dreams," was selected as George Mason University's alma mater in 2002 and a bill is expected to be presented to the 2007 Virginia legislature to make her "Virginia, Ever Enshrined" the official state song.

Carol leads services for several synagogues and teaches music at several Jewish preschools and religious schools in the Washington metropolitan area. She is a regular presenter at CAJE and other Jewish conferences.

In addition, she produces the annual NoVaShir Choral Festival which brings together adult, teen and youth choirs to sing the songs they love best. NoVaShir's "signature song" is Carol's lively "Shehecheyanu," which audiences can't help but clap and sing along to.

Her choral works include "Shehecheyanu" (arr. Adrian A. Durlester), "Shalom Rav" (arr. by the composer); "Shalom Aleichem" (arr. Ramon Tasat); "Sea Chanty" (arr. Adrian A. Durlester)and "Hashkiveinu" (arr. Nan Reiner).

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