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Andy Dennen
While we don't often get a chance to find that certain something, that elusive act that helps to complete us, writing these pieces is that act for me. A musician and poet for the over 30 years, it wasn't until almost six years ago that I learned what all the training was actually for.

Reading Torah, listening to teachers, learning about who I am and who my
ancestors were and how that has helped shape me and who I am, I attempt to
capture all of this in these melodies.

When helping to create a service,either on Friday night or on Saturday morning,
the goal is to create a sacred space, a space where those present can feel free to probe for the presence of .....

For me, music is the key to creating this space, a lightening rod held up to the sky.

It is my greatest hope that some of these melodies help take you there.

Enjoy and thank you so much.


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oySongs - love Jewish music
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