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Mama Doni
Mama Doni, AKA, Doni Zasloff Thomas, is a hip Jewish mom and preschool music teacher who loves to share her passion for Jewish culture through a wild mix of music including everything from reggae to rock, klezmer to "Jewgrass" - all woven together with Yiddish terms and Jewish themes.

Every genre, including reggae, folk, classic rock, country, hip hop, klezmer, and theatrical. This wild mix of musical styles is woven together with Yiddish terms and Jewish themes. The energized and unconventional songs are each stories unto themselves, with characters you can't help but love, like Bubbie, the Cowgirl Jew, The Jewperheroes, and Shlomo the Gefilte Fish.

Mama Doni hopes that her music will bring some Jewish flavor into the lives of people everywhere. She feels passionate about preserving the precious Yiddish and Jewish spirit by conveying it with a contemporary vibe everyone can relate to.

The Mama Doni Band is doing concerts all over the country for JCCs, Preschools, Synagogues, Festivals spreading their joy wherever they go! Go to www.MamaDoni.com to find out more and see pictures of the band.

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