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Joanie Calem
Joanie Calem moved to Israel as a teenager, where she continued her music education and began her adult career as a music teacher and performer. Living and singing in Israel, Joanie felt her soul begin to intertwine with the music and the rhythms of that place, so different than the American folk music that she had grown up singing. The haunting melodies and minor keys caught her heart strings: from the generations-old folk music that sang of Yiddishkeit, Eastern Europe and Klezmer; to the scores of richly poetic songs that were written in Hebrew with the rhythm of that language and the newly born land of Israel.

As a music teacher, Joanie's curriculum followed the holidays of the year, and along with the children in her care, she sang and danced through the cycle of songs that tells the story of the Jewish people and our history.
When she moved to the states in 1998 with her family of Sabras, she looked for songs in English to share the wonder of the holidays with the American Jewish children that she was now singing and dancing with, and ways to share the tapestry of the Hebrew language with non-Hebrew speakers. As a songwriter, it was often easiest to simply write a new song or translate one of her favorites from Israel. Joanie shares with you here a sample of the treasure chest of songs that she has collected through her years of singing for Jewish audiences in Israel and America.

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