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Cantor Lynda Hope Dresher
Cantor Lynda Hope Dresher, has been an integral part of B'nai Torah for the past eleven years. She received her Bachelors of Arts Degree from the University of Illinois and her cantorial degree from the American Conference of Cantors certification program in partnership with Hebrew Union College/School of Sacred Music. She is a graduate of the Florence Melton Adult (2 year) program for Jewish Educators supported by the Board of Jewish Education of Metropolitan Chicago.

Cantor Dresher is the current past President of the Chicago Milwaukee Association for Synagogue Musicians (CMASM), past President of the Southeast Lake County Clergy Association (SELCCA), member of the ACC (American Conference of Cantors), and member of Reform Cantors of Chicago (RCC). She served on the Teen Safety committee with the Mayors, Police departments and School Districts of Highland Park, Highwood and Deerfield. She served on the URJ Commission on Synagogue Music in New York for three years.

Cantor Dresher has been a professional singer for over 30 years. She has performed in cantorial concerts throughout the United States and Israel. She has especially enjoyed concertizing with Hazzanim Alberto Mizrahi, Jerome Frazes (z"l) and Rabbi/cantor Shlomo Shuster.

Cantor Dresher teaches "mindful meditation" and her new CD, "One Heart", reflects this pracatice.
As a cantor at B'nai Torah Congregation in Highland Park, IL, it has become her deeper purpose to connect with those in need of hope, faith, healing and love. She is grateful to G-d for the gift of song. The voice is a powerful instrument for prayer. When the community sings the prayers, they pray twice. During Shabbat services, allow yourself to breathe, to slow down and be thankful in each moment. During prayer services, when the congregation joins her in chanting the liturgy, they are transported to a sacred place in time. They are connected to a divine presence that is all loving. They are in that place of oneness and peace. For that moment, they are all "betzelem elohim" (created in the essence of G-d). There is no greater gift than this.

"One Heart", blends Jewish musical traditions with a sprinkle of international flavors to transport you to a sacred place in time...this moment. "One Heart", evokes a sense of musical universality. The sense of oneness is captured through instruments and lyrics. Listen to the mystical sounds of the sitar, the stringed instrument of India; the romantic sounds of the classical guitar, with its Sephardic (Spanish) feel; the Fraylich (Yiddish) sounds of the clarinet, capturing the Ashkenazic traditions; and the haunting breathy sounds of the Native American flute, connecting us with the divine presence in nature.
Sing along with the niggun (music without words) offered within the framework of the songs and meditations. Feel free to add your own harmonies. During the meditation chants, you may wish to close your eyes, sit quietly in each prayer intention and chant along. Cantor Lynda Dresher composed these melodies and lyrics over a ten year period. Her soul's journey brought her to the cantorate and to the Jewish spiritual meditation practice which inspired this CD.
May "One Heart", fill you with loving kindness, compassion, healing, peace and joy, towards yourself and the world. May you discover that giving and receiving love is God's greatest message and gift to you.

"Yom Tov", blends Jewish music with contemporary jazz and latin beat. Children will love the "Yom Tov" song. It connects them with God as they awake renewed. The songs are perfect for a Shabbat maariv service. We Remember Them, can be sung at funerals and Yizkor services. Listen to the fraylich sound of the violin and clarinet. Cantor Lynda Hope Dresher's cantorial but contemporary sound is powerful and inspiring.

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