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Dave Schlossberg is a collaborative keyboard artist and composer from Monroe, New Jersey.

Dave's greatest strength is his ability to improvise in a tasteful and inspired way. His new album, A Place Beyond Words, features brilliant piano improvisations drawn from liturgical sources. Dave's sensitive and thoughtfully performed arrangements can be enjoyed by anyone.

A Place Beyond Words makes a great gift for anyone who loves music!

Dave's compositions of Jewish choral music have also won acclaim. His "Mi Chamocha" was selected for publication by Shalshelet, The Foundation for New Jewish Liturgical Music and performed at the Foundation's 6th International Festival in December 2016. Another piece, his "Etz Chayim," was selected as the second-place winner of the Ben Steinberg Young Composers Award, sponsored by the Guild Of Temple Musicians. Compositions of his continue to be premiered at the North American Jewish Choral Festival as well. He is well-known for creating elegant yet accessible Jewish choral pieces that are rewarding to sing.

More information about Dave can be found at www.daveschlossberg.com.

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