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Karen Daniel
Karen Daniel's artistic dream is to have her music inspire others to learn about and enjoy Jewish traditions, and to feel emotionally connected to Jewish life.

Jewish singer/songwriter and recording artist Karen Daniel grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, and started playing classical guitar at the age of 11; this soon gave way to playing and singing the folk music of the 1970's, and then writing her own songs at the age of 14. A few years later, Karen Daniel studied songwriting at the University of Tennessee, and began performing in some of Nashville's popular writer's nights. She was an alto in her high school choir, and she performed original and traditional music in a bluegrass band for a while. She also performed Israeli and Yiddish folksongs while living and attending university in Montreal.

However, Karen Daniel's real musical breakthrough came about after attending her first CAJE conference many years later. This gathering of Jewish educators, including musicians, inspired Karen Daniel to write and record the songs which became her first album: Breaking the Lock. The title song is the true story of Karen's grandmother, Clara Miller, who came to Canada from Poland, and lived from 1903-1984. As the song says, we break the lock around our hearts when we relive old memories, and release the love that's hidden in there, and this happens by hearing a special melody.

Karen Daniel's next three albums were a series of "Teachable, Singable and Jewish" songs, very singable children's songs, which combine fun melodies and learning about Jewish customs, holidays and prayers.

Karen Daniel has a natural, gentle, warm singing style, and is a skilled guitar player. She loves to share her music in services, concerts, classroom settings, and other gatherings. She has taught music to children of all ages and has served as part-time cantorial soloist, most recently leading high holiday services in Bowling Green, Kentucky. She has performed in congregations, for Hadassah functions, and on tv, locally and around the country; several of her songs are published in the Transcontinental songbook, Manginot II; and her songs, including "Sing a Song about a Rainbow" and "Zeh Hayom," have been recorded by other recording artists.

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